Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snowman Garland

Since I started with a door, I figured it was only appropriate to tackle some windows today.

I wanted something easy, cute and of course, budget-friendly. The last criteria became glaringly apparent after my Wal-Mart adventure the other day. I picked up two strings of LED snowflake lights thinking that 18 feet would be more than enough to do my 3 front windows. Um, it wasn't. So now I have two strings of snowflake lights and naked windows.

But put a question to the universe and you always get an anwser. I was clicking through design*sponge and came across an entry by guest blogger Denise Sharp of She had written about the multitude of decorating ideas using plain white paper. She showed one idea of a snowman garland being a good project for children...

I really liked it! I'm hoping she was alluding to the fact that the project was so easy that a child could do it, not that it was for children. Either way, I fell in love with the idea and instantly stole it. You know I have no qualms about borrowing other people's ideas!

This project was ridiculously easy. All you need is a pencil, white paper (I used 8.5 x 11 computer paper), a hole punch, scissors and a piece of string. And thumbtacks or tape to hang it up afterwards. These are probably supplies you already have on hand!

After gathering your supplies, draw your snowman (I didn't bother printing out the template, I just drew my own), cut them out, string them on your piece of string and voila! You're windows are decked! La la la la laaaaa la la la la!

The great thing about decorating with snowmen is that if you get a little lazy on the other side of Christmas, you can keep them up til February at least...

PS: I just checked out the design*sponge website for linking purposes and SERIOUSLY! Stop with the paper crafts people!! I'll be up to my eye balls in shreds of paper and paper cuts before the month is out! >:)

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