Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Christmas Gifts Completed!

Here's a good idea for a thoughtful yet budget-friendly Christmas gift.

My grandmother and brother live far, far away (Newfounland and Curacao respectively). Since they're not here for both the momentous and day-to-day family happenings throughout the year, I like to send them a photo album every Christmas so they can see all the fun they missed. >:)

You can jazz up an album in less than 15 minutes. I bought a 99 cent flip book (it holds 36 pictures) but the cover was horrible, as one would expect for a 99 cent photo album. So all I did was cut some nice double-sided scrapbook paper I have into 4x6 squares and voila, you have an elegant album cover. If you can draw, are a photoshop whiz, or even have a child that likes to draw and colour, you could take it one step further...

Next, I cut out two little squares of matching paper and folded them into cards. I hole punched them and had instant gift tags.

The last step was to tie ribbon around the album and attach the tag. I think the end result would be more than pleasing to pull out of a bubble envelope on the receiving end!

photo album: $0.99
digital prints: $8.00
ribbon: $1.97
shipping: $7.50
receiving a personalized christmas gift in the mail: priceless. >:)

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