Friday, December 19, 2008

Made You Smile!

"Don't Stop Believin' (Or We Will All Disappear)"

"I Like the Fuzzy Ones"


I was just going to post my most recent exploding dog favourites because as I said yesterday, a lot of activity these days is hush hush. BUT, I just realized I have photos from a shoot I did last Saturday that might be nice to share.

Meet Chloe. She wanted a nice picture of herself to give her parents as a Christmas gift. (So this does have a Christmas theme afterall - yay!). I was more than happy to oblige (selfishly, for the portfolio-beefing-up-process). Here are the results. Oh-la-la... isn't she pretty!?


countrymummy said...

Hi - I found you via 'feeling stitchy'. Great blog. I wish I'd documented my attempts at crafting from the start. I try to do a little more but 2009 will be flickr year I think! Happy Christmas.

Bridget said...

I found you from 'feeling stitchy' too. love the photos, they are beautiful, and so is the model

happy christmas!

Christie said...

Oh, that first pic is great, love the bright red scarf

MuseBootsi said...

I want "Don't stop believin'" as my christmas card!
I love it!

Your photography is amazing!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!!