Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holly Jolly Christmas Cards

My weakest link in the world of crafting is most definitely my inability to draw. I often think back to when I was a kid and how much pleasure I derived from drawing and colouring. I could spend hours sitting at my Raggedy Ann & Andy table drawing little cartoons and creating new worlds.

Now I find drawing to be a very anxious and frustrating experience. Having said that, I long to be a better drawer (is that even a word?) and hope to spend more time practicing in the future.

What I can do however, is copy. Isn't there a saying that says a good artist copies, an even better artist steals? >:)

Well, I have a folder in My Documents entitled "art styles i like" and when I'm perusing my blog roll, if I see an image that particularly inspires me, I right click and save it to this file.

As you can imagine, the folder has ballooned to over 1000 files since I dove head first into this wonderful blogosphere of craft. I was clicking through the folder the other day and discovered a few photos of cute Christmas cards I have saved over time.

Then I realized that I had loads of scrapbook paper begging to be used.

And then I realized that now is always a great time to learn something new.

Sooo.... this year, I'm sending out lovely, hand-drawn, un-original Christmas cards. It has saved me money AND given me a chance to practice my drawing skills. I quickly learned that drawing is something you need to turn your brain off for. I almost feel like I could draw better with my eyes closed, if that makes sense.

Anyway, enough babbling on. Here's a sneak peek of my favourite cards. Hopefully they will make people smile (and not in a making-fun kind of way!) when they pull them out of the envelope.

PS: I wish I had saved the sources for these images because this is, afterall, straight up plagerism. But alas, I didn't save the links.

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