Monday, July 12, 2010

jen + alex {family bbq}

The great thing about shooting weddings of people you know and are friends with, is that you get invited to all the events leading up to the big day. And that's great for a couple of reasons. 1.) You get to eat delicious food, hang out and have fun, and 2.) you get the chance to introduce yourself as "photographer" and (hopefully!) make everyone more comfortable with your giant camera in their face before the really important shots of the wedding day. It's almost like an engagement shoot for the family. :)

The first few are portraits of everyone hanging out and having a good time. I love taking photos of kids because they're cool as cucumbers in front of the lens - kids are way more interested in having fun and letting their personalities show than what they look like... I guess my job as photographer is to help adults feel the same way... now how exactly do I do that??

Click on the images to see them full resolution!

Playing hide and seek with grandma, SO cute!

Here are a few shots of Sadie singing a modified version of 'All the Single Ladies' by Beyonce. This little cracker-jack changed the lyrics to something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, Alex finally put a ring on it..." I wish I could remember the words because it was hilarious, as you can clearly see. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

christine + ian {in love}

You would never be able to tell how hot, how humid and how sweaty the three of us were for this photo shoot. We were worried about rain but the humidex is what we really should have been worried about! If Christine and Ian can maintain their composure and look this good on a day that felt like we were in a sauna, I can't wait for their wedding. Which is in... TWENTY-THREE days! Can you tell I'm pumped?

I loved having the opportunity to shoot in Victoria Park where I spent many an hour walking and running in my early twenties. I like the thought of shooting weddings in the town where I grew up, I think there's something really special about that.

I also love the images that book-end this set. I think the first one is sweetly romantic and the last one... super hot!

Monday, July 5, 2010

merrick + haedyn

Master Merrick pops up once in a while here on WonkyEye because I always bring my camera when I visit his mommy. How could I not with his darling personality and infectious smile? And now added to the bunch is pretty little Haedyn whose big blue eyes are just to die for.

My last visit was a bit of a whirlwind, but I somehow managed to snap a couple of keepers. Some day soon I will go over with the sole purpose of getting Kim's "dream shot" of both kids looking at the camera with nice expressions on their faces. I'm always up for a challenge!

I really like the last image because I think it speaks so clearly to where they are right now - rambunctious three year old running through the background, baby with two new teeth and about to take her first steps - but mommy still has to help her keep her balance... it might not be a "looking at the camera and smiling" shot, but it still shows a lot of love... and how much patience Kim must have! :)