Thursday, February 26, 2009

nicolle & glen's sneak peek!

I spent yesterday afternoon with a very inspiring couple. Their love is so vibrant and real that it was truly a blessing to capture it forever.

Nicolle and Glen are expecting baby #3. We did some family shots but I really like the ones focusing on just the two of them - the heart and soul of their happy home. Nicolle is absolutely stunning which you can see for yourself below. Thanks guys for letting me into your hearts and home, it was such a joy. xo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pancake tuesday!

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to a pancake dinner at Mom and Dad's church. At first I was a little reluctant because I thought I would feel awkward, not really knowing anyone. But I grabbed my camera and went anyway, thinking it might be a fun place to snap a few pictures.

I loved pancake day when I was a kid. Mom used to wrap little items in tin foil and put them in the pancakes. It was always a thrill to see what you bit into and laugh at the predictions. Whoever got the nail was to be a carpenter, the ring was for the next to be wedded, the thimble meant you were to be an old maid. But even better was the money - excitedly unwrapping the tinfoil to find... darn it all, a nickel. God Bless the Canadian government for making loonies and toonies because it made pancake day so much more exciting!

As for this evening, I am glad I went. The food was yummy and the company grand. It makes my heart happy to know that Mom & Dad are part of such a tight-knit, caring community.

Getting things started...
Father Joseph hard at work in the kitchen.
Dad and Glen discussing the awesome pancake dinner!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a mini adventure

This Sunday I was lucky enough to enjoy a mini adventure along the Eastern Shore. It was a gorgeous day and I was hoping to catch a few photos with the those last rays of sunshine that make pictures sing. It was so refreshing to get (almost) out of the city - to breath fresh air and see the ocean. It's revitalizing and humbling to see that we live in such a beautiful world. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Monday, February 23, 2009

bedroom love

I love our bedroom. There's something about the quality of light that shines through our windows that is so delicate and magical. It makes me swoon. Most days I am getting ready for work around 3 o'clock and always think to myself, "I need to get a picture of this."
But then never bother. Well, a few days ago I tried but the picture is never as good as being there.

Anyway, the above photo is showing you my favourite spot in our apartment. I am in love with this area for 4 reasons:

1. I love our tall windows and the pale yellow curtains that cast a golden glow on sunshiny days.

2. The teddy bear. Meet Sir William! My parents were married in 1969 when real fur was all the rage. Sir William was originally a coat that was a gift from my father to mother their first Christmas together. A few years back Dad had the coat made into three teddy bears - one for me, my mother and sister. I think Sir William is cute as a button watching over things all day on his chair.

3. Draped over the chair is an afghan I wove. My mother weaves and it's always been something I want to learn too. It is so neat to take a skein of wool and turn it into something useful like a warm snuggly blanket. This afghan was my first major project of hopefully many more to come. My dream is that some day Mom and Dad will show up with the loom and let me set it up in the spare bedroom. [*hint* *hint* if you're reading this. I love you and want to be like you! :)].

4. The painting is my most favourite painting Mom has ever done. It's called "Ma & Da's house" and it's where she was born in Newfoundland. I love that it's mainly black and white with a splash of colour for extra punch.

I love my apartment. Sometimes I feel like people scoff at the thought of interior design and buying/creating things purely for decoration. But I think it's so important to be enamoured with where you live and happy when you look about your surroundings. I strongly believe that where you live should be a reflection of who you are and how you love. Don't you think?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

the art of love

Hello nostalgic ladybugs. How can you not be inspired by pictures of such passion, beauty and grace? I think that if you don't check out Jesh de Rox's website, you would be doing yourself a great disservice.

All four photos are pulled from Jesh de Rox's blog. Click here.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Once again I have found myself photographing a band in sub zero temperatures... only this time I am much more pleased with the results. >:)

I would like to intoduce you to The Wax - Phyl, Matt, Adam and Jeff; four guys I have the pleasure of knowing through work. They're playing this Friday at the Garrison Brewing Co. and are definitely worth checking out.

I had a ton of fun shooting these pictures (especially the indoor ones!)... before I left the house I googled a bunch of images from Rolling Stone Magazine as well as pictures of local rock heroes Matt Mays & El Torpedo and Joel Plaskett Emergency. I'm hoping that this 'research' is obviously channeled in these pictures.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A little bit of Valentine's Day decorating...

I always have these grand ideas for holiday decorating... but time sneaks up on me so quickly and before I know it, it's the day before and all my projects are sitting half-finished on the craft table. There is still hope, as I have tonight to tie up a few loose ends.But as it stands, I have only completed the clothesline and front door. Here's a peek at some front-entrance love.

A clothesline of love... 40 pictures of Dennis and I interspersed with little wonky hearts. Awww...

I still can't bring myself to take down the snowflakes. Luckily for me, it's been a snowy winter and they don't yet look out of place. I nestled a few hearts in between the snowflakes for a more festive feel.

Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Wolf Whisperer

This Friday just past I had the amazing opportunity to take pictures at the Shubenacadie (pronounced "Shoo-ben-ack-a-dee") Wildlife Park which is about 45 minutes outside of Halifax.

I went with 3 of my favourite photo-friends (Eric, Greg & Chris) and despite the minus 16C weather, we managed to have an excellent day. Our friendly guide Kevin let us in to some of the (safer) cages with the animals so we could get clearer shots.

I've decided that wildlife photography isn't really my thing... but I still had tons of fun, learned oodles of new facts (did you know that Cape Sable Island ponies can live to be 32 and that peacocks can fly??), and most definitely would have had a blast with or without my camera.

Below are a few of my favourite shots from the day. My absolute favourites are the wolf pictures I took with a wide angle lens - so cool! The pictures of me were taken by Greg. I thought it would be neat to put the picture I took first, and then the picture of me taking the picture second. Clear as mud?

By the way, you can do this too! Just call up the park and ask to book a personal guided tour! It's 50 bucks for a group of 4. Do it! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009