Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Birthday Valentine & Trip Home

My mom's birthday was near the end of January so I went home for an overnight visit. And what a lovely visit it was.

The pretty birthday girl.
What do you get for the woman who has everything? How about some love on a string?
Wrapped in a lovely brown paper bag.

Now tell me apples don't fall far from the tree.

The artist at work.

And what's a trip home without a game of Scrabble?

Guess who won?

And not just won... but completely trampled the competition. (Which is why I don't mind the gloating!).

I wish I could get home to visit more often!

(All these photos were hand-held... no tripod means high ISO which translates into g.r.a.i.n.y. Now I know!).


Elaine said...

I'm seriously guffawing- that photo of your dad saying, "Who da man!" And I was trying to figure out what your mum was painting- I thought it looked like a nun, but I thought, no way...but then I saw the original in the next photo- love it!

Sharlene said...

I love these pictures Chris. You certainly captured their personalities! Cute little gift bag - neat idea!
loves you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You must have a small fairy who follows you around leaving little bits of beautiful in your life.