Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Lelievre Christmas

I just realized that the problem with writing a post a day (or most days that is!) over Christmas is that the bulk of my activity is top secret until the 25th!

Sooo... today I will show you a few pictures from the Lelievre photo shoot. Remember how I told you I was asked to go to Pictou for the day to take pictures of my friend Michelle and her family putting up their Christmas tree? Here's a peek into our day. Enjoy!

Out come the decorations!

Michelle putting the lights on the tree.

Reach up! Waaaaaay up!

Meaghan adding a few finishing touches.

As you can see, the whole family was hard at work!

There was another tree in the dining room!

Betty getting dinner ready...

It was a really good dinner!

After dinner we moved back into the living room for some family portraits. Here, Ron gazes adoringly into Betty's eyes... haven't lost it after 30+ years! >:)

The Lelievre children.

My Michelle, what loooong legs you have! >:)

Ron plays hockey so I was invited up to the rink to snap a few shots. Here is a team member of the "Old Puckers".... yes, that really is their name!

And last but not least, my favourite shot of the day. Little Miss Mina. Every pet owner understands this look - puh-leeeeeeease let me out!

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Eric Boutilier-Brown said...

YAY!!!! Bouce flash worked wonderfully - you should be pleased!