Sunday, December 7, 2008

Party Like It's 1929

Hello readers! I was going to head to bed without blogging today (*gasp*) but I just couldn't do it. I said I was going to blog every day during December and gosh darn it, I will. I know I technically missed yesterday (Saturday) because it's after midnight, but I'm still up - so in my books, it's still Saturday!

Tonight I just want to share this story (below) from the NY Times that made me smile. The author might spread his cream cheese a little too thick on his literary bagels (that is to say, he's heavy in the metaphor department) but the overall idea and style of the article made me happy. Oh yeah, the 'audio slide show' is worth checking out as well.

Tomorrow (weather-pending, apparently there's bad weather a-comin') I am on my way to Pictou for my first-ever-real-honest-to-goodness photo shoot. That's right folks, someone actually sought me out and asked me to take pictures. Whoa. Can you guess what tomorrow's post is going to be about?

Good night, sleep tight. :)

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