Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm A Lucky Girl!

Have I ever mentioned how amazing my parents are? Sometimes I get a little teary-eyed when I think about how much I love them and how special they are. So I would be surprised to hear you say I've never mentioned them before!

The great thing about my parents is that they're doers and problem-solvers. I have never seen a domestic issue that they couldn't tackle and end up figuring out an ingenious solution. Sometimes I find myself doing things that I have no idea where I learned how to do it... and then I realize it's something I learned from my parents or have at least seen them do over the years. How lucky am I?!

Anyway, I had this "problem" of not being able to find an economically priced craft table that suited my needs. Since we've moved into our new place, I have been using the island in the kitchen for my crafting. This was tedious because between setting up and tearing down, every time I wanted to do something, it was adding about 45 minutes to the process.

Now my Mom especially understands the need for your own space. Ever since I can remember she's had her own "art room." I remember when it was a walk-in closet underneath the stairs. I've also seen it grow into a full-fledged room with custom-built storage, a counter and a sink for her painting, weaving and endless artful endeavours.

So you can imagine that when I mentioned I wanted a craft table, they were on it. Again, how lucky am I?!

Words can't do it justice so instead I've taken oodles of pictures to show you my beautiful Christmas gift. My very own, custom-built craft table! And accessories! It's very special knowing my parents built it with their own hands and put so much love and time into it.

With such an amazing space, it looks like 2009 can't fail in the crafting department. Happy New Year!


Elaine said...

You wee dancer! A dream come true! The most thoughtful and gift-that-keeps-on-giving present EVER!!

Sharlene said...

Hey Chris! The art table looks wonderful! I am sure you will enjoy many happy and creative hours there! And I definitely second you on being so lucky to have such amazing parents! love, me xoxo