Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lucky monkey

Yes, I am a lucky monkey! So many amazing friends, an awesome family, the discovery of a passion and just a beautiful life in general. I guess that's why I loved this little guy as soon as I laid eyes on him. How can you not be happy with a monkey keeping you company? Sorry folks, he was the last one in the store, and I shall not reveal my sources. >:)

I also went to Wal-Mart (yeah... stinky monopolizing multinational corporation... fun craft aisle... it's a moral toss-up) with my Mom today and got some pretty paper (on which the lucky monkey is laying at the moment) and alphabet stamps. oooOOOOooo... stamps. YES! Stay tuned for some stamping awesomeness!

And for you all people anxiously awaiting photos: I don't know if it's the direction of the wind, the alignment of the planets or my creative energy asking for room to breathe - I just can't seem to tie myself to the laptop this week. But watch out. I have the weekend off and will be labouring (with love) over all the shoots from the past two weeks.
And that's a promise!

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Sharlene said...

I <3 you! You just make me smile! xoxo