Tuesday, September 8, 2009

denise & trevor {say i do}

This Sunday I was invited to tag along with Eric as a second shooter for Denise & Trevor's beautiful backyard wedding.

Working as a second shooter is great because
there is essentially no pressure. I don't have to worry about missing the perfect shot of the bride and groom kissing or even blowing the exposure on the bride's dress. Nope. I just had to take pictures of people enjoying themselves and try my best to capture those little moments that the couple might miss during the whirlwind of their wedding, but are grateful to see afterward.

It's so fascinating to be on the
peripheral of such an intimate day. I had never met anyone, but yet there I was - thrown into a mixture of family and friends who were sharing such a beautiful celebration of love and happiness. I wanted to jump up and down and congratulate Denise and Trevor too. I'm not gonna lie and say a tear or two didn't escape during their very touching ceremony.

So the results of m
y day are pretty much images of people. But I think wedding snapshots are unique in that everyone looks their very best (and let me tell you, this was one group of goooood lookin' people!) and everyone is happy. I had a lot of fun and am grateful to Eric for giving me the opportunity to practice! xo.

Waiting patiently for things to get started. This guy was so cool and relaxed.

The love was contagious! Sharing a special moment...

Giving the nod to start the music.

Making sure there are pictures for the family photo album...

And keeping kids entertained during the ceremony...

I loved all the hugging and crying... it's wonderful to see such uninhibited celebration!

The toast to the bride and groom... and a shot of something that may have gone unnoticed perhaps... :)

And lastly, what's a wedding without adorable children!?

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