Sunday, September 6, 2009

dawson & jessica {in love}

I met Dawson this winter at work. He was bartending and I was serving. We had an easy rapport and an instant friendship (or so I like to think!).

So when I told Dawson that I'm trying to beef up my portfolio, he happily offered Jessica and himself as models. In fact, the first thing he said
was how he would love to have pictures of Jessica on the Citadel doing cartwheels along with lots of other cool shots.

Well Dawson, you got your cartwheel and hopefully, lots of other cool shots too. I want to thank you two for b
eing such amazing sports and trusting that my directions would ultimately make sense in the end result. You guys are so fantastic that I can't even begrudge all your kissiness and lovey-dovey ways. :) I hope these images make you as happy as they make me. Thanks for coming out to play! xo.

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