Thursday, November 11, 2010

cameron in fall

Remember Cameron? How could you forget this sweet baby boy?! I know I couldn't, which is why I was so pleased when his Mom got in touch for another round of photos that included the whole family this time.

We met on a sunny afternoon in Dingle Park (a popular photo location these days!) and got right to business. Cameron was full of smiles and Mom and Dad did a pretty good job of posing too. :) One of my favourite parts of doing photos with wee ones is listening to the parents jump around behind me trying to get baby to smile. But Cameron didn't need any coaxing, he's just so happy.

I think my absolute favourite from our session is the one of Mom and Dad kissing in the grass. Cameron's expression is priceless, it almost seems as if he's thinking, "Ugh. I know what you're doing back there and it's gross! I am not impressed." I love it!

Oh, and the last one too... this little guy's got a lot of love. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the fun photo shoot Christine. As you know, we love, love, love our photos. I can't wait to pick out one for Christmas!
You're the best!!