Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nicole + vickas {sangeet}

When Vickas and Nicole asked me to shoot their Sangeet, I said, "absolutely!" and then went directly to wikipedia to see what a Sangeet is. The proper definition is a ceremony/event prior to the wedding where people sing traditional Indian songs and the wedding guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with each other. The Sangeet is a joyous occasion where the family and friends of the couple perform dances to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

This is what I know... a Sangeet is an awesome party with lots of delicious food, lots of performances, lots of dancing and lots of fun! I hope you enjoy my take on this amazing gathering of family and friends.

Nicole showing her Henna and explaining what it's all about. It was so neat to see the mixing and sharing of traditions.

As a photographer it's fun to capture a wide spectrum of emotions... laughter and joy and sometimes, tears and despair. Don't worry, all tears were dried within minutes.

The performances were really beautiful... the dancing was amazing. I love this one of Mom sitting on the sidelines prompting her little girl's next move. So sweet.

Vickas and Nicole share a private moment while watching the performances. These two were so tight and so in love and managed to maintain this unshakable calm despite the chaos of the three-day celebrations. Must be love. :)

All people of all ages danced! It was awesome to see such a bumpin' dance floor. So fun! I wanted to throw down my camera and join the party! :)

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