Wednesday, November 10, 2010

morgan + rob {in love}

Morgan and Rob came down from Truro for their engagement shoot because they wanted some shots at Dingle Park. Rob proposed to Morgan on a boat in the harbour and so the location was very special.

I always suggest people bring outfit changes for their engagement shoots and for the first time ever someone paid attention to me! Morgan brought three changes and I think it's so great that we have such a variety of photos - I think it mixes it up so nicely!

After we exhausted Dingle Park, we headed up the road to York Redoubt. I love how York Redoubt has all the old buildings which make excellent backdrops. The three of us explored further than I had ever been and were rewarded with an awesome old fort dug into the ground with tunnels which is where I got the awesome silhouette photo... which I wouldn't even have thought of if it wasn't for Morgan's creative input! Thanks girl! I love it when clients feel comfortable enough to collaborate because then we end up with even more amazing images!

I've put up a lot of photos because I know Morgan is super anxious to see the results and won't be able to get her disc until Saturday. So here you go, an epic post of you two being incredibly happy and in love. Morgan and Rob, you're so cute together and I can't wait to shoot your wedding next fall!

*right-click 'open in a new tab' to see them big*

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