Monday, November 22, 2010

nicole + vickas {say i do}

I've known Vickas since I was ten years old so you can only imagine how pleased I was when he and his fiance Nicole got in touch and asked me to photograph their wedding. Well, weddings actually because they were having two ceremonies and a huge party in between to celebrate their union.

So, here is the first part of Nicole and Vickas' three day wedding extravaganza! This first set of images is from day one, or marriage 1.0 as Nicole said (so cute!). The Catholic ceremony took place in Truro with a casual reception following in Nicole's parent's back yard. How special to have the reception in the house where you grew up.

Day number one was awesome. So many adorable kids, so many cool mixing of customs - a henna ceremony in one corner of the yard and a highland fling being performed in the other... I loved seeing Vickas and all his family dance in with funky Indian music, bearing gifts and Vickas front and center in the van. Everything about the day was so relaxed, so interesting and so perfect. Stay tuned for pictures from the Sangeet!

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