Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a waiter identifies

I finished reading Waiter Rant last night and boy oh boy, if you've ever worked in a restaurant, or eaten in one, then this book is an essential read. I guess I'm saying then, that this is a book everyone needs to read.

The book is hilarious; the sections on Mother's Day, tipping, substance abuse... I'm sure my roommates thought me crazy, laughing hysterically alone late at night in my room.

But as a long-term "professional" server, this book struck so close to home that I almost found it uncomfortable to read. I identified myself in so many of Steve Dublanica's sentiments, especially this one:
"...Don't misunderstand, there's nothing wrong with being a waiter. But if you're a waiter who knows he should really be doing something else, the tension between what you are and who you think you should be can tear your psyche apart. It's like marrying one person but being in love with someone else."
Bingo. I'm sure that statement would bring tears to the eyes of many of my co-workers. I was relieved to read that the "black hole of serving" is a universal truth, not exclusive to my own group of friends.

Waiter Rant is great because the writer does ultimately break free from his trappings. The reader (especially this one) roots for him and is filled with hope. Yes, this book is about the delicate art of waiting, but more importantly it's a book about conquering your fears, pursuing and ultimately achieving your dreams, and finding peace with your place in the universe.

So while you're purchasing Waiter Rant online give this song a listen. I've only played it about eight dozen times in the past 48 hours. And no, I'm not exaggerating! Swing those hips baby.

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do you like the new madcon version of the song? cuz i sure do! :)