Friday, August 14, 2009

beer on the pier

Last Saturday I worked (and I use that term loosely) the annual "Beer on the Pier" festival. (Event? Extravaganza? Gong show?). The basic premise is that all the local microbreweries set up booths, you pay $40 bucks at the gate, they give you a 4 ounce mug and you proceed to drink yourself silly with a series of 4 ounce samples. It was super fun working it and even more fun when I discovered my passion for cider (as we happened to be placed next to the generous men of Strongbow . Yessss).

I didn't get the best shots as I didn't bring my camera bag (mistake #1) and I assumed there would
be enough space to use my portrait lens (mistake #2... it was a pretty tight space with about a gazillion people). And then, I started drinking a lot of cider (mistake #3?).

So I learned some valuable lessons. Lesson #1: Never ever ever assume you know the situation and what lens you will need. Be prepared. Lesson #2: It's never a good idea to drink a lot of cider. :)

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