Tuesday, August 11, 2009

primp my portrait

About two years ago I met Jen Partridge at a NSCAD black & white photography course. I think she had a well established passion for taking pictures at that time, and I was just starting to discover my own. The course was awesome, and so is Jen. We've been keeping in touch ever since.

Jen's photo business has started to boom - check out her snazzy new
website. She is currently where I ho
pe to be by next summer. (Here's hoping!).

So, I was definitely touched when Jen asked me to snap a few shots for her ne
west business venture 'Primp My Portrait.' She and her friend Andrea McLean will work together to give you a make-over (Andrea is a professional make-up artist) and a funky set of portraits. It sounds like such a fun idea for stagettes, a girl's night in, or birthday parties - who doesn't like to play with make-up and then get really beautiful pictures of themselves?!

This was my first time ev
er working in a studio-type setting. Jen brought over her white backdrop but we used natural lighting. I still think the results are pretty cool though. There's nothing more anxiety-provoking however, than taking pictures for a fellow professional photographer. But these girls did a really good job of putting me at ease - they're so easy-going and fun to be around!

Jen and Andrea: I hope yo
u're pleased with your sneak peek - I had a lot of fun!

Everybody else: If you want
to book a session with the lovely Primp My Portrait ladies, you can e-mail jen@patridge.ca.


Jen said...

I love them, so much fun. I knew you were the right person to take our pictures :)

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea!! great pics. Looking foward to seeing more of the work.