Friday, August 20, 2010

shelly + dana {in love}

What can I say? I've known Shelly and Dana forever (over ten years now - it's hard to believe!) and I love them to bits. If someone asked me, "Do you know someone who truly lives in the spirit of peace, love and happiness?" Without a shadow of a doubt I would say Shelly and Dana. These two people are SO wonderful and SO fun and SO awesome together. Honestly, I couldn't imagine a better pairing.

So when I found out Shelly and Dana were getting hitched I jumped at the chance to take their wedding photos. Yes please! I know the day is going to be a magical, fun-filled day and I'm super pumped to share it with them.

In the meantime, to mentally prepare them for having my huge honkin' camera in their face, we met up in Truro for a short and sweet engagement session. Our original plan was down on the marshes but guess what? The mosquitoes will practically carry you away down there at sunset! So we improvised and I really like the results... I hope you do too!

This first one is my favourite of the session and makes me really happy. I've been experimenting a bit with flare lately and trying to incorporate it more into my work - I think it's so romantic and nostalgic.

(As always, right-click 'open in a new tab' to view big in firefox)

I love this portrait of Shelly. I feel like you can really see her big heart and amazing spirit in this one.

The light! *swoon*

And this one cracks me up!! I love Shelly's Mona Lisa smile and Dana's expression. I love how they're standing and I love the super-saturated colours. It looks like they're standing in front of a museum exhibit. It took a lot of willpower to not photoshop in a dinosaur peeping over the trees - haha!

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carol said...

Oh my god I LOVE these pictures! AMAZING!