Friday, August 6, 2010

jen + alex {say i do}

Holy smokes! I can't believe it's been six days shy of a month since my last blog. Where in the world does the time go? I blinked and July was over!

So finally... here is the long awaited sneak peek of Jen + Alex's wedding. These two had a small, classy and all-around awesome wedding day on June 30th. The sun was beautiful and bright but we had a great breeze to keep us cool. The Citadel was a photographer's dream as far as locations go. And Jen and Alex? Talk about having two people that are
very easy to photograph! I don't actually know what made it easier - how incredibly nice they are, how in love they are, or how smokin' hot they both are! Either way, I was very happy and honoured that they chose me to capture their special day. Enjoy your photos!

(right click "open in new tab" on each image to view full-size without leaving this post)

I had to throw this one in - Alex and his twin brother Zach. This photo makes me grin like an idiot. I love it!

The ceremony took place in a very little room with a door on one end and a small window at the other. As a novice wedding photographer, I almost started to hyperventilate when I saw the "shooting conditions," But we ended up with some really great shots so all the worry was for naught - which it usually turns out to be anyway!

The ushers!

Portraits of the Mr. and Mrs. :)

The entire wedding party. I've never taken a single picture of so many people before! I learned that I've really got to work on my people herding skills!

Cocktails, dinner and dancing followed at Ryan Duffy's. I love the image of the two teeny tiny girls in the gigantic booth. I think it would be so cool to get that shot again when they're 21!

And what were these guys taking pictures of?

Why these beautiful ladies of course!

I love this shot of Jen + Alex's first dance. It's not a traditional shot by any means, but neither was their first dance. Despite having other couples join them on the dance floor, you can see from this picture that it was still a very intimate and special moment. I like how there are people all around them but you can tell they feel like the only two people in the world. :)

Who doesn't love a wedding that ends the night with a poutine bar?! These two thought of everything!

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Zoe said...

Fantastic pics! Love them all, but especially the bride and groom's feet, and the little ones in the booth.

Congrats on a job well done.

- Zoe (sister of the groom)