Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I dropped into our local yarn store a few days ago and couldn't resist picking up a package of iron-on embroidery transfers from Sublime Stitching. This company is great. Their motto is "This ain't your gramma's embroidery!" and how true! They have the cutest patterns for sexy librarians, forest friends, monsters and zombies, tattoo alphabets and best of all... ROBOTS! I bet you can guess which one I picked up.

For some reason I felt that the robots were pleading to be stitched onto dish towels. So here is dishtowel number one. This little guy can be found chillin' on my oven. Every time I see him, he makes me grin. Robots are awesome.


Dennis said...

Yes. Robots ARE awesome. :D

Sharlene said...

Love love love this little dude! He is so full of personality! Look at all his buttons!! What do you think he would say if you met him?
...Thanks for creating me? How you doin'? ;)
love me xo

Stace said...

which yarn shop??
i wanna attempt one'a these guys! And Sublime Stitching has so many cool patterns on their site! :D