Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy (belated) Halloween!

I'm recovering from a bout of pneumonia which is why the blog's been oh so quiet. Our Halloween was quiet too. We didn't dress up. We didn't go to any parties. And we only had one trick or treater!

Instead, I puttered around in the kitchen making cookies. (One can never be too sick to make cookies, can they?!). I found this very festive and seasonal recipe on my friend's blog with bite. The recipe is ridiculously easy although maybe should be doubled because now I have half a can of pumpkin that I'm wondering what to do with. Also, don't skimp on the chocolate chips! I used a cup and a half and think 2 cups or more would have been... awesome. :)

Also, I found the dough to be a little sticky during the shaping process. I always use a mini ice scoop for uniform size and the dough kept getting stuck.

I decided to make these deluxe pumpkin cookies so I stole a recipe for Maple Butter Frosting from Bakerella. I only varied the recipe in that I used 3 tsp of real maple syrup rather than maple flavouring. I found the icing had a very light hint of maple that complimented the pumpkin and chocolate very well!

So Dennis and my brother Stephen were handy for the taste-test. I set them up with a plain cookie and a frosted cookie and asked for detailed reactions for both.

Dennis: "The frosted cookie is by far the superior cookie."

Stephen: "I like the frosting but it's very rich and sweet so one cookie would be enough. But I could eat a crate of unfrosted cookies. Those are GOOD!"

So there you have it. Boyfriend and brother approved! I think I'll add this to my "to make again" recipe collection.

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