Friday, November 28, 2008

Love Notes I

Well, here I am another year older and feeling a lot of love. Nothing like a birthday to make you realize how many special people you have in your life!

Appropriately, it is love that inspired my final project for the Photo 101 class I'm taking.

Every day I take the bus to and from work. I often notice how sad and preoccupied people look going about their business. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could do something to make people stop and smile.

It crossed my mind that it would be an interesting project to leave 'guerrilla love notes' in unexpected places. I thought it would be neat to plant quiet reminders of hope, reassurance and positivity to help people reconnect with what's truly important. Or at least to stop and think about something outside of themselves and their troubles.

Thus my final project idea was born. I decided to create a series of quiet, intimate sentiments linked to images. Over the next few days I will be posting these images so keep checking back for new ones. I hope they make you pause and smile. :)

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