Monday, September 15, 2008

My Front Door Needs Some Love

My front door has been staring me in the face for ages now. Well, since May anyway. It's easy to forget about it during the day, or when Dennis is home and we're happy worker bees at our respective machines. But when night falls and I'm home by myself, the absence of curtains becomes glaringly apparent. Sometimes I don't want the whole world (or a random passerby) to see what I'm doing!

So when I was clicking through Design*Sponge DIY Wednesdays, this project caught my eye and started my brain whirring. (Check it out here). I thought the idea of embroidering words on sheer curtains was endearingly simple and sweet. But I don't entirely dig sheer curtains. I shall use this fabric. <--- Purely consequence of being the only piece of fabric I have on hand that's big enough for the job. And because I want to start it NOW. Also, the local fabric store's hours don't jive with my work schedule over the next few days.

My plan is to embroider "think bright thoughts" on an off-white piece of fabric and then somehow incorporate it. I think it's a nice sentiment to see as you're going out the door. Let's see what happens!

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