Friday, September 19, 2008

Exploding Dog

Okay, this is not a sewing project. But it is design related and I absolutely adore it and think it's worth sharing. I would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Exploding Dog. I stumbled upon this website one day as I clicked links down into the rabbit hole of the internet.

Exploding Dog is the genius of Sam Brown. He makes drawings of the titles you send him. This is a very simple formula of artist/viewer exchange which, in my opinion, Sam Brown masters.

People send him titles like "This makes me want to dance" and "It rained all weekend" and he creates drawings that are both innocent and clever. His pieces carry so much emotion - some of them heartbreaking, some of them laugh-out-loud funny. The catch is, he draws stick men, talking animals, robots and green monsters.

I love these posts so much that I've been inspired to do red robot, blue dog and green monster needlework pieces. I spent about an hour a week or so ago trying to stem stitch and satin stitch a robot and realized that either a) I need get wool to get the right effect or b) I need to learn a few more stitches that would be more appropriate. And surely some of you out there are thinking or c) I need to get a life.

Anyway, Sam Brown makes me grin like an idiot. And on a Friday, we could all use a little idiotic grinning.

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