Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Making Shady Progress

You may recall that I am in the process of making curtains for my front door. The original plan involved red and white fabric and the phrase "think bright thoughts." Well, you may have already noticed that my fabric choice has changed. When I was at Wal-Mart marveling over their funky fabric designs, I picked this one out for my front door. I thought it was a little more me.

My embroidery plans didn't change. I thought the pattern really suited the phrase so I kept it. My colour choice did though. I did the black wording when my fabric was to be red and white. The new colour scheme involved yellow wording.

I was pleased as punch during the creation of these two panels. I must say, everything was going swimmingly and I didn't run into any unexpected problems. Until I hung the darn thing in the window. Guess what? I don't like it - not one bit! (Scroll down, brace for the dissapointment...)

Now THAT is an unexpected problem. The curtains turned out exactly how I had envisioned them. And that is precisely the problem. They just don't look right. Also, there was a slight design glitch: I didn't line the white so when the sun shines through the window, you can see either a glow of yellow or a shadow of black shining through from the other side, depending on which side of the door you're on.

This means that I am now in rescue mode. The season premier of Heroes came on tonight so this is as far as I got (yes, I really did cut them down the middle). Here's hoping something good comes of this!

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Sarah J Weddleton said...

CHRISTINE! This site is awesome! You're truly something incredible, and your work will be loved by many, including me. Keep it up because this is something that will take you farther than you've imagined.
Kudos beautiful,
Sarah xo