Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fabulous (?) Flickr

I worked a split today which leaves precious little time to devote to activities such as curtain-making. But I did manage to have a wonderful visit with my cousin Jonathan, whom I haven't seen in two years (because he lives in BC and that's not exactly convenient). I didn't want to leave you dedicated readers (haha) without a post, so I've created a Flickr account for your viewing pleasure.

People have been telling me for ages that Flickr is THE best site for photography enthusiasts. I don't know anything about that yet. I do know that signing up was painless which is always a plus. But I need to explore the site some more before passing any judgement.

I also read in Crafty Synergy that the best way to spread the word about your craft-based business is a three-fold approach: blogging, flickr and e-mailing. Well, I don't exactly have a craft-based "business" but let's not slam any doors on the universe, shall we?

So to peruse my photo collection, you can go here... I hope it works!


Jonathan said...

Tags. You need tags on your photos in Flickr. That's how people end up looking at them when they don't know you and aren't trying to find your photos. First image proposed tags: Halifax, bridge, black and white, etc.

Start by tagging your favorites (I've finally dropped the superfluous "u" for good) because otherwise it'll seem like a massive task to accomplish.

Tell your cousin he has a hot name.

Jonathan said...

Jeff is good at flickr:

I'm not.