Monday, October 11, 2010

maria + ben {say i do}

When I think of Maria and Ben's wedding, the first word that immediately jumps to mind is Epic. And yes, I meant to type that with a capital 'E'.

Where do I even begin? Maria is stunningly beautiful. Ben
is handsome with a smile that lights up a room. Both their families are so warm and welcoming. They got married in Johnville, New Brunswick where the scenery is so pretty you feel like you're in a story book. We took pictures in a hay field and Maria stood on a hay bale! And they jumped on a trampoline!! Have you heard of a couple being so laid back that they're totally cool with jumping around on a trampoline!? And get this too... *dramatic pause*

The reception was in a potato storage barn!

Dave and I shot for 14 hours and literally took a gazillion pictures, give or take a few. We got so many amazing shots that it's hard to know which ones to post... so I'll start with
the ones that give me goosebumps and go from there. :)

Maria and Ben: I hope your lives together are as magica
l, happy and beautiful as the day we spent with you playing in farmer's fields and dancing in a barn. Thanks for inviting Dave and I to capture your special day.

A gorgeous ring shot by Dave.

And talk about magical - here Dave captures a bumble bee doing it's thing while Maria and Ben pose in the background. When I saw this one, my jaw dropped!

If you right-click 'open in new tab' on this one, you'll be able to see it better.
This was taken around midnight when I asked Ben and Maria to come to the entrance of the barn with me because I just knew this image had to be snapped. I told them to stand in the middle of the doorway and 'snuggle in' and they posed in this perfect embrace. To me, this image is definitely the cherry on top of a day already full of amazing photos and memories.


Anonymous said...

AMAZING shots of Ben & Maria! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

The bumblebee shot is amazing.. also love the apple. Very nice work!