Monday, October 18, 2010

maria + ben {let's dance}

Here is the last installment of Ben + Maria's wedding. Did I mention that their reception was in a potato storage barn? It was nothing short of incredible... and, let me tell you, these people know how to have a good time! :)

All the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced their way into the reception. I love this one o
f Ben carrying his bride.

Maria having a good laugh over her maid of honour's speech and slideshow.

To get the bride and groom to kiss, you had to roll a barrel of potatoes the length of the head table. This guy had no problem.

Ben had a slightly harder time.

But he got his kiss!

The first dance was nontraditional in that it was a slightly faster tune... which suited these two perfect as you can tell they love to dance and are really good at it!

And if someone is going to cut-in on your first dance, she better be as cute as this... :)

When your son has too much to drink, all you really can do is laugh!

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