Tuesday, October 12, 2010

maria + ben {getting ready}

There are so many great shots from Maria and Ben's wedding that it's practically impossible to decide which ones to post. Here are a few from before the ceremony.

While Maria and her brid
esmaids were getting their hair done, I asked her three little nieces to come outside with me for a mini photo shoot. These girls were so fun, so well-behaved and as you can see - brimming over with personality!

Maria and her maid of honor leaving the... what do you call a place that does make-up? Beauty parlour? Well, whatever it's called,
Made You Blush was a really neat place to photograph because inside the walls are pink and the floor has pink polka dots!

I loved Maria's dress so I took a lot of pictures of it... as you can plainly see. The first shot was one of those situations where as a photographer you look around and go, "Yikes! There's no light in this room!" and then you remember to never under-estimate the power of a bedside lamp.

These shots of Ben and the boys are Dave working his magic. Remember in the last post how I said their day was epic? Well, it doesn't get much more epic that using a private airplane as a backdrop!

Ben and his lovely mother (also taken by Dave). So sweet.

Stay tuned! I'll be posting a few fun ones from the reception in a day or so!

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