Thursday, April 16, 2009

struggling with hope

Yesterday started off as a wonderful day... there was no denying Spring is on its way. The birds were chirping and underneath the cool wind you could feel the warm sun on your face. With lifted spirits I decided that it would be a good day for an adventure. To Lawrencetown Beach!

I'm really lucky, to live so close to such a beautiful area. 15 minutes of driving and as you climb up a hill and round a corner you're suddenly met with a breathtaking vista of crashing waves, green cliffs and a sprawling rocky beach. Sheer bliss.

I gladly scampered down the boardwalk to the beach, so happy to be out with my camera by the wind and surf. I didn't feel overly inspired to take many photos, but I was so happy to be out of the city for a change of pace.

About an hour later I returned to the car to find the passenger side window smashed in and my bag gone. Stolen! Everything! Cell phone, wallet, iPOD, work uniform and my favourite red toque with the pompom among other things.

I am feeling very unsettled, violated, and vulnerable. I am trying to find it in my heart to forgive this person (or people) but I'm definitely struggling. I try so hard to believe in the goodness of other people. But today I just don't have it in me.

Here are two pictures from before the day turned upside down. I find it hard to look at them favourably.


aliceinparis said...

I feel for you:( Same thing happened to me at Martinique Beach years ago. It was the winter and I got a call in late Spring, someone had found my purse with everything scattered in the woods, only money taken. It is a horrible feeling.
Love your pebble shot.
Thanks for popping by my blog:)
That walk was just a one time only thing through the Archeology Society.

Anonymous said...

I understand BUT you know what is SO GREAT! Thank gosh you took your camera with you! Someone was looking out for you sending you special messages saying "Ok, something hard is going to happen to you but I will never let what is MOST important to you get taken."