Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more front door love

Why hello friends. I know, lately my posts have been few and far between, but I have had a rollercoaster couple of weeks. I miss my sweet little dog dearly and have had some trouble adjusting to life on my own. Consequently, I've been spending as little time as possible at home and that means no creating, no blogging.

But I am feeling sturdier than ever as the days roll by and have once again turned my eye towards the front door. I agree, I do have an inexplicable fascination with my front door and hallway.

A few weeks ago I picked up three Martha Stewart hole punches because I simply couldn't walk away without them. I immediately saw white, delicate garlands criss-crossing my front door just in time for Spring. My snowflakes were so vibrant and colourful that I felt it was time to take the door in another direction.

So I set about punching out bunnies, birds and butterflies and ended up with this:

Individually the garlands are darling but with nothing else on the door, they looked stark and uninviting. A piece of fabric I've been saving for a long time jumped to mind and I thought, "Ah Ha! A curtain!" So I ran down to the sewing room and started making a panel for the front door.

Ta-Da! I quite like the results. It's soft, flowy and feminine - suitable for Spring and my new found independence I suppose. The curtains also provide a nice backdrop to my lovely garlands.

I smile every time I walk up the front steps. I'm pleased with the results!

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