Monday, April 20, 2009

puppy love

Tonight I am crashing and burning after a particularly busy weekend at work. Between 5:00 Thursday and today, I punched in 38 hours; my feet are rejoicing at the thought of a day off tomorrow.

Since I got home I've been enjoying Mom's delicious homemade wine and wandering through the Internet. I've managed to sip my way through half the bottle and five Neil Young albums and honestly, I couldn't imagine a better way to decompress after a long weekend of catering to everybody elses needs.

Of course my meanderings always lead me to flickr. For a site I often find myself lamenting (lacking aesthetic and intuitive browsing), I have to admit I spend an awful lot of time there. The only thing missing from my quiet night at home is a ball of fur at my feet. Well, for those of you who knew Belle, it was more like a ball of fur at my side wondering when I was going to give her more food.

So I've decided to post a tribute to dogs and that special place in your heart only they can fill.

dog's age


Viva La Hanza




Viva La Hanza


(Can you tell I am completely falling in love with polaroids? Yet again an affirmation that I was born in the wrong decade!).

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