Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a nice afternoon on the seashore

Monday afternoon I was kidnapped and forced to spend the afternoon climbing rocks and taking pictures at Herring Cove. It was torture. >:)

It takes almost exactly 30 minutes to get to Herring Cove from my front door. It's just far enough outside the city that you feel like you're on an adventure, but close enough to visit before work. It's amazing! We scuttled over the rocks, smelled the fresh sea air and generally fell in love with life itself. Below are a few pictures from the day, some are mine, some are Eric's.

The beautiful landscape.

There was plenty of time for sitting and contemplating life.

Eric at work.

Eric at play!

More infrared... I still find it hard to look at myself with brown eyes, but I love the look of infrared.

Infrared makes this photo look so soft and warm, I love it. Though I am wondering just what the heck I'm doing with my hand. Pretending to be bashful for the camera, I suppose. >:)

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