Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspirational Blogs

I've recently come to notice how sad my inspiration list (to your lower left) is. I only have three sites listed and I subscribe to over 30! It isn't fair of me to keep all this inspiration to myself so I thought I would introduce you to five of my very favourite blogs. I check these sites faithfully and am continually awed by what these women do.
I discovered Creative Thursday via Etsy. In fact, Creative Thursday was the first blog I had ever bookmarked six months ago when this was all brand new to me. I was immediately taken with Marisa's soft, whimsical world of characters and colour. I wanted to be a part of it! Luckily, her blog allows me that opportunity every day. I especially enjoy how her process began as setting aside one day a week for creativity (hence the name Creative Thursday) and has since blossomed into an amazing creative journey. It's an honour that she shares her daily thoughts and paintings with us. If you only have time to click on one link, click here!

Darling Dexter is the blogging home of Whitney Deal, photographer and designer. I identify with Darling Dexter because she doesn't seem to have one particular creative focus, she enjoys and shares all things creative. I really enjoy her sense of style and her photography. Dennis always jokes that she's my "Internet girlfriend" because I am always looking at her site and we have so many things in common. I'm not sure about that, but I do love her blog.

Can you be a girl and not have an undying love of all things stationary and paper related? Paper Crave more than indulges this obsession for paper nuts. I am constantly ooohing and aaahing over the beautiful things posted on this blog. Without a doubt, this place is inspiration central.

Jamie is the talented woman behind Pretty Ditty. From what I can gather, her main focus is the beautiful aprons she creates, but she's also a crafter extraordinaire. I love her spunky personality and unique style. Similar to my bird obsession (have I admitted to this publicly yet?) she has a woodland obsession so I feel we're of the same mind. :)

How can you not love a blog with the name Angry Chicken? In Amy's own words, "I was a commercial interior designer in Seattle, then we moved back to Portland, had babies, and now I stay at home and write, make art, and craft like crazy." I love reading about her day-to-day crafting adventures. I like the fact that between raising 3 children and publishing sewing books, she still finds time to craft. Her passion is contagious.

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