Tuesday, June 1, 2010

an epic party post

Hold on your hats! It's an epic birthday party post!

Sweet Miss Alison turned four in May and her parents invited me over to take some photos of the happy event. There's no trouble to tell that Alison is a very loved little girl. Her party was amazing. There was basic party fare - balloons and cupcakes. And then there was totally 100% awesome party fare - a bouncy castle!!

The first set of photos are from the bouncy castle. They're so darn fun and I love how they turned out. I especially like the image of the Mom bouncing and having (probably!) more fun than the kids.

The second set of photos are from the actual party. As you can imagine, there is no shortness of sweetness to photograph with a bunch of adorable four year olds running around. I am especially enamored with the images of Alison playing with her dolls and playing dress up in her closet... It's such a fleeting and special moment and I'm so lucky to be able to document a small piece of her family's story.

Thanks for inviting me over Christa and Nate!


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Christa said...

Thanks again for capturing Alison's party for us. We'll cherish these pictures always. Definitly something I would recommend to all our friends. It was so nice to enjoy the party instead of worrying about "missing" a moment on film :)

If you're not all famous & booked up in a few months, we are thinking about some family pics that include our pooch Bella in the fall...maybe Point Pleasant?

We'll be in touch for sure,
Take care, Christa, Nate & Alison