Wednesday, February 10, 2010

four decades of love

Ever since I first started taking my photography seriously, I've wanted to do a shoot with Mom and Dad. But you know how it is - there's never time or it's never convenient. And one sad but true fact I've observed is that as people get older (and I'm talking sometimes 35 or 40!) they become more and more reluctant to have their portrait taken. I don't know why, as the stories on people's faces become ever-so-much-more interesting with every day that passes.

But I digress. One fine fall day this November as they were driving me back to Halifax, the sun was slanting at such an angle that I absolutely had to pull over and get some shots. My parents essentially had no choice in the matter. And just like that, their impromptu photo shoot began.

Have I mentioned before how amazing my parents are? Well, they are. And I consider myself a lucky pup to have witnessed the growth of a marriage - a delicate balance cemented by love - that I can refer to as a healthy and vibrant reference point when navigating my own life. For two people to have been in love every single day for over 40 years is nothing short of incredible. And I really do think these pictures highlight something magical. xo.

PS: This jumping shot was all Mom's idea. Seriously!! :)

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