Tuesday, October 13, 2009

three favourite pictures

Today was a beautiful day and here are three of my favourite pictures from it.

This morning I met up with Megan and LG to snap a few shots of the newly engaged couple. These two were so laid back and game for anything. Of course, I have loads of photos of them being (very much) in love (they were so darn adorable) but this particular image made me stop. And laugh. I know it's pretty serious for an engagement photo but there's something about it that makes me go, "ooOOOooo" and then laugh out loud. Thanks for a fun morning you two, I can't wait to edit through the rest of your session!

This afternoon I went for a short "hike." That is, if you consider walking along a well-groomed, overly-signed, gravel path hiking. It was a glorious day... one of th
ose perfect fall days where a wool scarf keeps you cozy and the sky is the most awesome azure blue. The leaves were a riot of colour but my eye couldn't help but scan the ground. And to what reward! Too lazy to switch to a different lens, I approached these mushrooms with a wide-ish angle and I have to say, I love the result. This is exactly the type of landscape my imagination painted as a little girl.

My final favourite shot of the day is, of course, a portrait of a handsome man. (And a mighty fine Boggle player, I should add). I tried to make this photo look a little r
umpled and desaturated and I kinda like the effect.

My beautiful day ended with my beautiful friend Elaine arriving safe & sound from Scotland. I'm lucky to have her be all mine for the next week or so. It hasn't been just the two of us since collage! I wonder what trouble we'll get up to... >:)

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