Monday, October 26, 2009

pinhole art

Hey-o! I'm back after a much needed creative break and you can expect blog posts galore over the next few weeks as I catch up on my editing and share some of my new creations with you.

This afternoon I was tooling around on the Internet and came across Heather Smith Jones' beautiful website. She creates the most amazing pinhole art. In fact, I think she invented it because when I google "pinhole art" all links lead back to this talented lady.

I was feeling pretty enthusiastic about pinhole art and immediately decided I wanted to make some too. Now, mine is nowhere near as intricate and I am wielding much blunter tools (a sewing needle and scrapbook paper) but I think the effect is so neat. It looks like all you have is a blank piece of paper until you hold it up to a light source... and then your design magically appears!

Now every time I walk into the kitchen I sm
ile at my lovely new pinhole creations. I can't imagine how fun this would be if you could make a light box-type frame for your wall... you could put different colour light bulbs in it and create some real magic! (Like this maybe?)

ooOOOOooo the possibilities....! :)

And of course, you should be listening to awesome music such as this while punching out your art!


Christine O. said...

I love your 'fly away with me'...that's sweet.

And seeing your Lite Brite link - do you know they make that for jack-o-lanterns now?? Small bulbs that light up once you put a candle in the pumpkin. What will they think of next?! :)

Sharlene said...

I love your creativity and spirit!!