Thursday, March 19, 2009

who knew!?

Remember my happy spot? I made an amazing discovery there today! See the tall spindly twig tickling my fish's chin? Well, if you look closely guess what you'll find? Roots! Beautiful, delicate, pink roots sprouting in every direction.

Amazing! I had no idea plants could do this! Or, at least no idea that my spindly twig with curly little leaves would do this! Are all roots pink? If not, why are these roots pink? OOOoOOOOo... so many questions.

Anyway, now I wonder what I'm supposed to do. I certainly can't compost it, it would be like plant abortion. Am I supposed to plant it in a pot? Any thoughts?

I like how the baby pictures turned out. It was neat taking pictures of something through glass and water. It looks like I added the glass texture in photoshop but nope, that's real life folks. As my friend Greg G would say, "SO cool." >:)


Elaine said...

Let the roots get a little bit bigger (give it lots of fresh water) and then stick it in a pot of compost. You've just propogated, little Miss Green Thumb :)

Jonathan said...

Yup. Do what Elaine said. I am growing a few children of my grandmother's Christmas Cactus that I brought home with me in damp paper towel from my last visit. I've had it going since Christmas before last and even got it to bloom this winter.

Sharlene said...

New life = new beginnings.
It is a sign!
:) xoxo