Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Happy Spot

I cleaned the dickens out of my kitchen today. No crumb stood a chance! There's something about cleaning that soothes the soul, don't you agree?

Some of my flowers needed to be re-arranged because they were wilting. Now I have a new happy spot that makes my heart swell whenever I look at it. :)

You know, I don't normally keep plants because I generally have zero success. I killed a cactus once. But I think I could get used to some greenery on my windowsills. Perhaps I'll give it a go!

I thought it might be a nice to save my roses.
Here they are hanging upside down.

My lovely PINK daisy and friends.


Sharlene said...

What a lovely happy spot! Gerberas are my absolute favorite :) You have inspired me to buy a pot of them today when I get groceries... nourishment for the body and spirit!

I sent you a pic of my happy spot - it has a funky fish in it, too! And, my happy spot is also green and blue and orange. I think the color orange exudes as much energy and happiness and is as refreshing as a real orange being freshly squeezed or sliced.
love you!
Sharlene :) xoxo

Elaine said...

I'm SO glad you've enjoyed the flowers! They look so lovely, the way you've put them in separate pots. You're so artistic- miss you!