Sunday, March 22, 2009

an adobe night

During my most recent visit to Chapters I leafed through a book called Conversations With God by Neale Walsch. I only skimmed the first chapter but something I read leapt off the pages and into my heart.

In brief, the author said that in this life we have only one obligation to ourselves and to God - to live our lives with truth, joy and love.

For me, this was an "of course!" moment; I have been thinking of these three words and what they mean ever since. I'm also afraid to forget them. So tonight I opened up Illustrator and set about trying to create something athsetically pleasing that I can eventually print, frame and hang in my bedroom once the re-decorating process begins.

I'm not sure if either of these are a winner, but at least I have the ball in motion. AND I've learned loads about Adobe Illustrator which never hurts. >:)


Sharlene said...

Beautiful. Just plain beautiful.

Jonathan said...

If I may be critical, I don't like that the lowest purple bloom is cropped.

Otherwise, beautiful work in a program that completely mystifies me. Photoshop I can do, Illustrator leaves me stumped. And design in any format is lost to me.