Monday, May 17, 2010

megan + lg {getting ready}

I shot my very first wedding on Saturday, April 10. Well, I guess saying "my very first" is technically incorrect as I've played second shooter a number of times. What I mean is, I was fully in control as primary photographer for the first time ever last month. And it... was... AWESOME!

I couldn't have been hired by two more amazing, enthusiastic, encouraging, easy-going, in-love people than Megan + LG. They put their faith in me 100% and for that I will be forever grateful. Of course I had the normal run-of-the- mill (first!) wedding day jitters but overall, they made me feel so relaxed and comfortable that after awhile, I felt like I had been doing it all my life - it felt so natural and wonderful. All these months (years!) of hard work have finally paid off and I can officially say I'm a wedding photographer now! YAY!

Megan + LG are an incredible couple. Beautiful on the inside and out - and when you meet their families, you understand why. Everyone was so happy and genuine... you're probably thinking, "of course, it was a wedding" but no, I really think there was something special happening. To say there was a lot of love would be an understatement. :)

Over the next four days I'm going to post lots of photos from Megan + LG's special day. I know I should probably edit, edit, edit and only show the top five but I'm so pleased with the results I want to share loads. Today's post will feature the 'getting ready' images and do I have to tell you a) how beautiful Megan is? and b) how adorable her niece and nephew are?! Enjoy!

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