Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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Remember Kyla, Marc and Karlyn? Well, they must have been pleased with their photos because about two weeks later I was invited back to take pictures of beautiful baby Karlyn and her sweet little cousin Abigail.

The assignment was to get a nice shot of the girls for their grandmother.

Well... have you ever tried taking picture-perfect photos of two little humans under the age of two? Me neither. And let me tell you, I was actually shocked to discover that it was
really hard. Obviously I waltzed in with the expectations of someone who has neither had a child nor spent oodles of time with children. (Or at least, with multiple children in a single room). More to the point, I walked out realizing I have a lot to learn about getting little ones to sit still and look at the camera. Perhaps what I should learn is that this is likely impossible! :)

So, I didn't exactly get the "studio shot" of Abigail and Karlyn. But I definitely got some great portraits of the girls separately and some very honest images of the two of them together. If nothing else, I definitely captured a time and place and some very real emotion. I hope all the parents and grandparents are pleased despite the missing "looking at the camera and smiling" hero shot!

Karlyn is just darling and was all smiles that day. I also absolutely adored Abigail's range of expressions, her big dewy eyes and fly-away pigtails. And the girls' matching outfits? Too cute for words - see for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

holy mother.
are those not the most adorable kids!!