Tuesday, November 3, 2009

merrick and the princess

Guess who's landed safe and sound in this big beautiful world? Yep, that would be Merrick's little sister Haedyn. Here she is in all her pink glory.

Merrick remains of course, the cutest little monkey you may
have ever seen. Look at those eyes!

I have a thing for tiny feet and shoes. My heart feels like it wants to explode looking at these adorable, itty bitty sneakers! It's hard to believe we were all so small once upon a time.

Merrick and Haedyn's
mommy is amazing. When you visit their home, you can see true happiness. I knew I was posting pictures of this beautiful family today so when I saw this print from Freya Art I thought of Kim and Aaron right away... Hopefully I'll be back to visit again soon! :)

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