Monday, November 2, 2009

g + k

As you can tell by the last photo, Garett and Kristal were a little bashful about having their picture taken. Okay, Kristal was the shy one - Garett was all over it! There's no mistaking how much he loves this lady with the beautiful raven hair and golden eyes!

Thank-you so much Garett and Kristal for inviting m
e into your lives to capture this special time. Your DVD and album will be landing in your mailbox soon... and I mean that! >:)

PS: I can't help but add just two more of sweet Miss Olivia with two important ladies in her life.

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Garett and Kristal said...

Hello Christine, We received the CD and pictures via your Dad yesterday-- thank-you so much! We are really pleased with the pictures! Everyone who sees them just loves them! Keep up the good work! PS We may get you to take some again -- ?winter
K, G and O