Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ben + maria {in love}

Hi! I'm home! Cuba was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to go through all our photos and share what we saw. New posts will be appearing soon. :)

Although traveling is an incredible opportunity to learn about the world (and yourself!) I'm really excited to be home and am looking forward to a fun spring of shooting. I'm working on launching my website and have all kinds of awesome things planned, so stay tuned!

The week before we left, I had the opportunity to do an engagement session with Ben + Maria. Two awesome (very photogenic!) people that were a lot of fun to work with. And troopers too! It was windy and cooooold on the waterfront but you wouldn't know it from their photos.
My three favourite images are the close-up of Maria's eyelashes (so intimate and romantic!), the one of them kissing with the light shining through, and the one of Ben giving her a piggy back and her hair is blowing wildly in the wind - awesome! I love unruly hair!

Thanks for letting me capture this special time you two - and all the best this summer. Your wedding will be beautiful. xoxo.

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