Wednesday, July 29, 2009

blog love

Yes folks, that would be blog love for MY blog. I'm just getting home from a long night of work (the gross kind that you have to do to pay bills, not the fun kind like taking pictures) and am decompressing. I really enjoy the trend of matching a solid colour to your photos and using that space to advertise your business, blog, name, what have you - so I decided to give it a whirl with some of my pictures. Hey, no one else is gonna do it for me, right? :)

This lovely lady's pictures are coming soon. She is very pregnant, a very good mom to a very cute two year old, and very beautiful - pretty much a photographer's dream. I love how you can see her fun personality shine in this series of images.

[As a side note, you can definitely see more detail if you click on the image to make it big... I realize it's itty bitty here but such is life at a blogspot blog!].

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